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to become successful tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Discovering the Latest Future Technologies

Strengthening Leadership and Team Working Skills

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This page is for our on-campus summer camp information. We are continuing our virtual online courses which you can check details on the link below.
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8 weeks from July 4 to Aug 26

Summer Camps 2022

The Future-shaping Summer Camp Week


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Tech Entrepreneurship
Camps On Campus

Weeklong camps
full day


from 1 of our 5 convenient
locations across Canada
North York:
Tyndale University
Sheridan College
Toronto Downtown:
Ryerson University
MSV University


Week 1
July 4- 8
Week 2
July 11- 15
Week 3
July 18- 22
Week 4
July 25- 29
Week 5
Aug 2- 5
Week 6
Aug 8- 12
Week 7
Aug 15- 19
Week 8
Aug 22- 26

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Enrolment for
our summer 2022
in-person camps
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You can fill-in a small application that takes 2-mins of your time andschedule an online consultation session with one of our admission team.
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Outdoor Activities: 
Team-Building Focused Games

Just because it’s summer sunshine time, and having fun activities 

outdoor is also part of our summer camp!

A Typical Week at Our Summer Camp:

every opportunity that can lead to a great future career. From robotics to aerospace - they will be able to learn about the latest technologies and figure out their interests.
and strengthen their skills. They will learn how to work as part of a team and on their own. As well as how to be a leader who is not afraid to share new ideas.
the foundations of innovation. We will teach them how to have an entrepreneurial mindset - how to develop new ideas and turn them into something.

What Will Children Get
At Genius Camps?

Genius Summer Camp has everything your 
children need to have a life of thriving doing what they truly love and make a meaningful impact in this world
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What’s stopping your kid from becoming a successful entrepreneur?

The public education system can’t keep up with this rapidly changing world. By only following their outdated curriculum, your children might end up:
Lacking the skills & knowledge needed to work in future-proof careers
Unable to pursue the professions they love
Stuck in 9 to 5 jobs they hate

Genius Summer Camp focuses on helping them develop the skills they need to discover their talents & pursue their passions for a bright future career.

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Join the thousands of parents who trust Genius Camp.

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Personalized learning in small groups

(5-10 students)
We allow kids to work at their own pace to ensure they won’t feel pressured to catch up with others or be left behind waiting for others.

The best industry-standard tech tools

We give kids access to advanced tools to inspire a love for technology and allow them to bring these home to further their learning.